Land Title

The right of possession indicates that land can be used by an individual for its benefit (agricultural use etc.) under the Civil and Commercial Code; and the right of ownership title deeds and ownership documentation to a piece of land.

Land documentation comes in six every different types dependent on specific to the type of land, the uses allowed and the documentation it self. These are as follows

1.) Sor Kor 1
Is the form required to notify the government of a possessory claim to a piece of land. This was introduced in December 1954 and was used by the government to verify claims upon the land with the eventual issuance of Nor. Sor 3 or Nor. Sor. 3 Gor certification (see below)

1.1 Por. Bor. Tor 6 is documentation that all land must have in order for a tax number to be issued and tax to be paid upon the benefits of the land. It does not in anyway infer title, ownership or possessory right of the land, only that it has been assessed as taxable.

1.2 Sor. Por. Gor 4-01 it’s refers to land allotted by the Land Reform Committee. Land with this documentation cannot be bought or sold, and may only be transferred to the direct heirs of the person who holds it

2.) Nor .Sor. 3
Certifies that the land has been issued to the proprietor by the government and the land can be used for its benefits by the holder of this documentation. But is not a clear title, and is relevant only to the individual holding the land and the land use. No parcel points are marked and it is issued upon a specific plot with no frame of reference to connecting plots. Problems can occur when attempting to verify the actual land area of such plots covered by this documentation and it requires that legal acts in connection to the land be publicized for thirty days prior to their enactment.

3.) Nor. Sor. 3 Gor
Is same as Nor. Sor. 3 and this documentation the land area is defined with parcel points and is accurately mapped showing adjoining plots on a map using a standard scale of 1:5000. Land with this type of documentation may be sub-divided and legal acts need not be publicised.
Nor. Sor 3 and Nor. Sor. 3 Gor are legal certificates allowing the person named upon them the right to use the land. This documentation may be used to confirm the rights of the land user in legal disputes with individuals or the government.

4.) Land Title Deed,
It is commonly known in Thailand, is a certificate of land ownership. The title deed indicates the specific GPS-verified area and boundaries to the land. An individual named upon a title deed, may use the title as proof of ownership in all legal undertakings and with the authorities. Legal acts may be undertaken immediately, however sub-division of the titled plot to more than nine sub-plots must follow the Land Allotment Law, Section 286.